The Wealthmine Rules For Achieving Goals Part Two

February 12th, 2011

Here we are with the five remaining rules to help to work towards being the best that you can be in whatever endeavour you choose.

Having taken the previous points on board now use these pointers every day to increase your potential. 

SIX – Truly BELIEVE in yourself and what you can achieve. 

SEVEN – Always expect the best in and from whatever life offers. Don`t accept second best, either from yourself OR from others. 

EIGHT – realise that your attitude towards what you are doing is vital. 

NINE – Try to always notice what thoughts, actions or processes actually work for you and then integrate them into your everyday life. 

TEN – Define your goals precisely.  As we’ve discussed before if you don`t know where you`re going how will you know how to get there? 

Short, sweet and to the point BUT difficult to put into practice?

 Initially yes, of course, but then nothing in life that`s worthwhile is `easy` is it so why not give it  a try?

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The Wealth Mine Asks Dare You Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone?

February 8th, 2011

Hello again

In this and the next post I`m going to present you with ten guidelines, or rules, to guide you towards being the best that you can be.  Add these tips to the earlier sessions from The Wealth Mine Dot Com and your online venture should get off to a flying start. 

So, here are the `rules`.

ONE – Regularly `feed` your mind with positive thoughts and emotions. 

TWO – Every day find yourself a goal that will challenge and stretch both your comfort zone and your capabilities.

These don`t have to be huge goals.  Small achievable goals are much better because you then build up a history of achievement in your sub-conscious.  Your brain will gradually accept that you CAN do things that you previously perhaps thought impossible. 

THREE – DO NOT entertain negative thoughts.  If you feel one coming on find the positive opposing thought and concentrate on that instead. 

FOUR – Focus on your goals and then just let your imagination run riot.  If you can imagine it then you can achieve it. 

FIVE – In some ways this is linked with number THREE but always try to `manage` your thoughts and aspirations so that they support your goals rather than undermine them. 

Don`t forget to come back and read the other five rules in a couple of days. 

In the meantime if you`re fired up and want to evaluate a different way of earning a living online then Google;

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The Wealthmine Asks`Are You Stuck In A Rut?`

February 4th, 2011

Have you ever had periods in your life when everything seemed to be the same, when you were bored with everything or felt that you simply couldn`t make any headway?  In other words have you ever been STUCK IN A RUT?  We all have at one time or another, I know I have.

I`ve talked about this in one form or another previously but today I`d like to look into it a little further.  When I say look into it I mean `how to get out of it` 

A typical indication that you are in a rut is a feeling of lethargy, that you can`t be bothered with anything because it`s just too much trouble.  This is often caused as much by a loss of physical energy as by a real lack of motivation.  In this stage of the rut you need to have a close look at your diet and the amount of exercise that you’re getting.  A lack of oxygen in the blood, and therefore in the brain, won`t help your energy levels. You need to realise that this phase isn`t permanent.  It will only last for as long as you neglect your physical well-being.  It will go away.  

If there is something worrying you whilst you are in this phase try imagining what the very worst result will be and then work out how you would deal with it and survive it.  By dealing with a problem in this way you reduce the stress involved in it to a more manageable level.  This is a cliché but there is more than a grain of truth in the saying “there`s always someone worse off than you”.

Realising this simple truth will also help to reduce your stress levels. 

Imagine a rut in a dirt track.  What does it look like?  A rut is a hollow in the earth.  The hollow has sides, otherwise it wouldn`t be a hollow would it?  To get out of the rut you need to lift yourself out of the hollow.  So…… get out of this particular rut in your life by giving yourself a bit of a lift.  Treat yourself to something special, something different.  It doesn`t need to be expensive of difficult to get, just something a little special or different then you would normally do or buy.  Lifting your spirits will help to lift you out of your rut.

Having got yourself off the bottom of your rut possibly the best way to get out of it altogether is to now do something that is both meaningful AND useful to you personally.  It could be anything as long as it achieves something worthwhile.  It could be a small job that you’ve always been `too busy` to do at other times.  Well, NOW is the time to do it.  By doing something useful, satisfying and productive you will get a feeling of having achieved something and THAT is virtually guaranteed to lift you out of your rut – to realise that you CAN still do something positive. 

Can I end by telling you something?  I sometimes find it difficult to generate these pieces.  My creative imagination dries up.

Continually being original, rather than simply copying other people`s work as so many article writers seem to do, can be difficult. I`m being open and honest here when I say that I feel I`m repeating or re-visiting topics that I`ve discussed before and I become convinced that you, the reader, feel that my jottings get stale or boring.

Yes, believe it or not, even life coaches and trainers have doubts.  BUT I do practice what I preach.  I DO follow my own advice and that is why you are reading this particular piece today.  It wasn`t what I intended to write about.  I just couldn`t find a way to satisfactorily present the point I actually wanted to discuss.  I was in a rut.  I used this method to get myself out of it and then realised that what I had just done could be a better, more useful message than the original idea.  It works for me.  It will work for you IF you`re prepared to have an open mind and a willingness to try something different.

This same approach works with financial ruts as well as `ordinary` life ruts.  You need to think out of the box, after all it`s probably you who put yourself in the box in the first place.  consider different options, different ways of doing things, simpler ways of doing things.  Simpler ways of earning a genuine, long term income online DO exist.  You owe it to yourself to lift yourself and your family out of that rut, don`t you? 

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Create A Wealthmine From Virtual Property Brokering

February 1st, 2011

Hello once more.  In this piece I want to introduce you to something called Virtual Property Brokering – The Perfect Business For Internet Newbies

Imagine if you will making money without your own product to sell.  Sounds ridiculous doesn`t it? Well, hang on a minute because it`s not really as crazy as it might sound. Consider agents and brokers. These guys are the ‘middle men’ who put sellers and purchasers together while earning a tidy commission along the way. Now then, it’s actually possible to replicate this online.

 Welcome to the world of two tier affiliate marketing or Virtual Property Brokering.

The internet is an amazing technological development. It is basically a gigantic marketing machine that allows the entire world to be anyone’s ‘shop front’.  Some people prefer the ‘nuts and bolts’ of mining, harvesting or manufacturing a product, other people prefer the distribution of goods far and wide, whilst others simply offer services that assist specific business needs. The common goal of all these operations is to make money.

Now, if I was to suggest that you could start up a business in any of these sectors over night I would be lying. If, for example, you wanted to build houses you would need land, building materials, tradesmen and a big lump of cash at the very least. If you decided building houses was too unrealistic you might consider setting up as an estate (property) agent but you would still need an office, some clients, a reputation and a whole load of time and money to spend before you got anywhere at all.

There is, however, one industry sector that you can get involved in overnight without a single product. It’s called virtual property brokering or two tier affiliate marketing. What’s more, you’ll be surprised to learn that you don’t need a web site, or even any marketing experience.

Virtual property brokering is an amazing strategy for generating an online income using a two tier affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing is a simple concept based on someone (you?) promoting someone else’s product in return for a commission received for any sales they (you?) generate. The promoter (you again) is known as the ‘affiliate’ and there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs which any one can sign up to online. Remember as an affiliate you will only earn a commission if you make a sale.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you found a site selling golf equipment that had a one tier affiliate program. If you signed up, you could go and promote those products and earn, say, 50% commission for every sale you made.

A two tier affiliate program takes the process a stage further to generate even more commissions. Using the golf equipment example again, if the affiliate program that you signed up to was a two tier program you could then go and recruit second tier affiliates. These would be people who either have a large email list or a web site related to the golf niche you are promoting. If they promoted, you would get a percentage of their sales too, which could be around 10% for example. You could literally have commission earnings pouring in using this method.

Let’s break this down a little more:

Step One – you haven’t got a product, a web site, or any marketing experience.

Step Two – You find someone looking to sell more of their product such as the site owner with the golf equipment two tier affiliate program. (you can do this by typing ‘whatever niche’ affiliate programs into google and seeing what comes up).

Step Three – You find someone capable of selling more of their product (someone with either an email list or web site in the golf niche).

Step Four – You bring the people in steps two and three together through one simple email which introduces the marketer to the site you are brokering for. The email is just an invitation for them to check out the program. It explains they can make more money by simply sending out a promotion to their email list or adding a graphic to their web site. To find out more they just need to click on your link (this will be provided to you by the web site for the two tier affiliate program).

That’s the general outline of how this model works. Two tier affiliate marketing is the perfect way for anyone from the internet newbie to the more experienced marketer to accelerate their online income to a whole new level. Plus it doesn’t require a web site, your own product or even doing any marketing or spending a single cent.

This is definitely, in my opinion, one of the best low risk low cost strategies there is to earn a substantial online income.

 If you think that this method of mining wealth on line might be of interest just Google the link below for more detailed information

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The Truth Behind A Virtual Property Tycoon Wealth Mine

January 25th, 2011

It’s not often that someone releases a product that makes the marketing world stand up and take note. Too often these days the products released by marketing gurus are just the same rehashed product that the last so called ”guru” released.

No one could say that about Ed Walters’ Virtual Property Tycoon.

Virtual Property Tycoon, or VPT for short, is a recently released product that sheds new light on the boom in online ‘virtual property’ (downloadable information products).

For many years it has been obvious to even the wet behind the ears newbie that selling web sites, or virtual property, has been big business. The problem is it takes a lot of marketing know how, or cash, to get into this business.

Or should I say it did before Ed Walters blew the lid off his secret strategy for turning information he gets online, which he doesn’t pay a penny for, into pay days of thirty grand to sixty grand within a couple of months.

I’ll say that again. Ed doesn’t spend a penny and still manages to “flip” this information anyone can get online into huge bumper pay days.

So how does he do it? Well, I don’t want to give all of Ed’s secrets away here. It wouldn’t be fair on the guy as there is clearly a lot of work put into this course (which you can’t say about most products these days. Sadly). But I will say it involves the public domain.

The public domain is THE secret of many, many millionaire business owners and it could be the secret of your own wealth mine combining as it does evrything that we have discussed on this site..

Ed does a great job of describing it in his free video and report found at:

You have nothing to lose by taking a look but potentially a HUGE amount to gain.

I strongly suggest if you’re the type of person who has taken the trouble to read through my earlier posts on how to CORRECTLY go about generating your own wealth mine to make some quick and pretty huge pay cheques you go and check out the link below. There’s a great report you can read there, it won’t cost you a dime but it will give you the inside track on the type of business that we`ve been talking about.

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Make A Wealth Mine Out Of A Penny Molehill

January 19th, 2011

Generating a high return from a small investment means big profits.  This is the simple formula that savvy entrepreneurs dream of.  Imagine if you knew the secret to this equation which you could then repeat time after time.  Read on and I’ll show you exactly how it`s done.

 You may or may not have heard of “The Secret”. This was a movie (kind of) that was based on a book called ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’. A clever woman with no particular business experience came up with the idea of converting the book into a film. Her main motivation was that she was broke but two years later the film had made forty million dollars online. I’ll say that again. One woman took a single public domain product, flipped it and made forty million dollars.

 This demonstrates just how incredible the public domain is as a cheap resource for generating an enormous income. What do I mean by public domain? Put simply, books or content that are in the so called ‘public domain’ means their copyright has expired or they never had copyright in the first place. That means anyone can take them and re-sell them as their own product.

 If the format of the public domain resource is changed into a new modern form of media, often their saleability will increase. For example, an e-book could be turned into a home study course, a book into audio, or an audio product into a video or movie. The options are limitless.

 The success story of “The Secret” was a few years ago. However, due to the recession, people now more than ever need to learn how to attract wealth into their life. We’re not talking about the internet marketing niche here, we are talking about the whole wealth mindset niche, and, trust me, it’s a brilliant market to be in.

 Have you ever heard of the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? If not, it is a book on the wealth mindset that has sold over thirty million copies. And guess what, it’s in the public domain!

 Can you see where I’m going with this?

 The recession means people are desperate to get into the wealth mindset and learn how to change their finances around. There are literally dozens of books in the public domain on this subject.

 3 Steps to build your own Money Mountain:

 Step One. Take books such as Science Of Getting Rich, Think And Grow Rich, The Master Key System and read them out, either yourself or hire someone at to do it for you.

Step Two. Turn the audio into video using Microsoft Powerpoint and Camtasia studio (get a trial at )

 You now have books, audio, video and many, many hours of information on the wealth mindset – information which people are desperate for.

 Step Three. Sell your newly created products as digital courses, high end printed courses or membership sites, you could even sell licences to them and much more.

 In other words with a little effort you can flip these books and make a fortune with a new virtual property empire. Just think you could sell them as tons of CD’s and manuals and put them all in one big package. You could sell them for thousands a go. Don’t believe me? Bob Proctor is selling a program based on ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’ alone which sells at two grand a copy!

 What’s even better is that you’ll be helping other people at a time when they really need it. For me there is nothing better than getting emails from people saying they have used these techniques and made their first killing online. I get these every day and it makes my days even better. You can experience it too.

 You can see how much potential this idea has right? This idea can make anyone who implements it a small fortune. It’s a business idea that could not only end your recession money worries but also help others to end their worries as well.

 You can get more detailed information and precise instructions on how to develop your very own Information Publishing Wealth Mine by clicking here;

So don’t sit back and watch whilst someone else puts it into action. Do it and begin Mining your own Wealth today.

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Be Patient. The Wealth Mine Method Approaches

January 14th, 2011

Now that you have completed this vital preparation process you should have a much clearer, much better idea of the type of internet business you want to become involved with.  In one of the earlier discussions we discovered that there is a hard way and an easy way to quite quickly build a profitable business.   I`m going to totally ignore the `hard` way and introduce you immediately to probably the biggest, most successful area of online wealth mine creation – Information Publishing.

 By getting involved with Information Publishing you can choose to market the products that fit in with your newly itemised range of interests and ethical values.  You can get involved with things that interest and excite you.  In other words you can start a business doing what YOU want to do with subjects that YOU enjoy and at a time that YOU choose.  What Could Be Better Than That?

 As if that wasn`t good enough an Information Publishing business can also be started with very little outlay.  In fact your product, what you will offer online, can be sourced for mere pennies in the pound or even for free.  I say again, What Could Be Better Than That? 

 Well, that`s it.  You`ve completed the vital preparation that soooo many would-be online entrepreneurs neglect.  I hope that you`ve found it useful.  The rest is up to you.  You now have a fantastic foundation on which to build a successful web business. 

In the next blog I`m going to introduce you to what is possibly one of the simplest and cheapest ways to start building your successfull Information Publishing business.  See you then. 

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Nearly The End Of The Wealth Mine Foundation Mini Course

January 11th, 2011

Well, this is almost the end of this Foundations Of Your Internet Business mini coaching course.  You should now have decided what your strengths and weaknesses are, what your goals and priorities in life are, what your ethical stance is and what you would like to achieve in your new business.

You now have the vital information and attitude that will give you the best possible chance of succeeding online.  Many people, in fact probably the majority, don`t bother with this, don`t even know about this.  They think, and have been led to believe that making money online is easy.  It is, and it isn`t.  If you have a little technical knowledge, or can afford to buy in the expertise AND you have a clear, defined goal it is infinitely easier than if you just dive in.

 Know yourself, know what you stand for, know PRECISELY what you want to do online, get involved with something on line that you are enthusiastic about and you WILL be enjoying your own wealth mine sooner rather than later.

 OK, it`s now time to take a bit of a break, to take stock and recognise how far you`ve come and see the progress that you`ve made.

 Get your trusty pen, some more paper and make a list under each of the following headings.  This process will highlight just how much progress you`ve made and should crystallize exactly why the system that we`re using is sO important in laying the foundations of your online personal mine of wealth.  If you don`t notice that some of your conceptions – or misconceptions – and ideas have changed then I`ll eat my keypad.

 1 – Since starting this exercise I have taken the following actions;

 2 – Since starting this exercise my approach to – or my attitude to – internet marketing has changed to;

 3 – I now fully understand that I should;

 4 – I will build on what I have learned by doing;

 5 – I now realise that my five main values in life are;

 6 – My three main online business options are;

It doesn`t matter if you don`t have three as long as you have at least one.

 7 – I know that I`m going to be busy from now on so I`m going to make sure that I look after my health by doing;

 8 – As well as everything else I have to do in the next phase I will also focus on;

NOTE – Your `focus` will be the bigger, or broader outline of what you are going to concentrate on.

 9 – As well as everything else I have to do in the next phase it is my intention to;

Note – Your `intention` is the part of the overall focus from section 8 that you are actually going to do.  The idea behind this is that although you will now be moving onwards with your development plan you don`t stop work on the areas that might not be finished.  You CAN work on several aspects at once so long as you don`t end up with a scattergun effect where NOTHING gets finished.

Making a note of your `intention` to deal with aspects that you have left behind ensures that you make progress but do so without losing sight of your overall goal.  

 That`s it.  You`ve completed the vital preparation that soooo many would-be online entrepreneurs neglect.  You now have a fantastic foundation on which to build a successful web business.  In the next blog I`m going to introduce you to what is possibly one of the simplest ways to start building your success – Information Publishing.  See you then.

Copyright thewealthmine 2011

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This Is Where You REALLY Begin Digging Your Wealth Mine.

January 8th, 2011

TO BEGIN WITH, you need to properly identify YOUR PURPOSE or, to put it another way WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?

You need to be totally open minded about the questions that will crop up here.  There are no `right` or `wrong` answers, just the answers that apply to you personally.  Remember, these questions will form the foundations of your business, your wealth mine.  Take them seriously, be honest with yourself.  If you`re not honest then it`s only yourself that you will be deceiving.

 When you become more used to doing this then your perspective, your approach to the questions, and therefore your answers to the questions will change AS YOU CHANGE.  The important thing is to answer the questions from where you are in your life right now, at this minute.

 Ask yourself;

If, or when, I daydream about my future what do I see?  What, EXACTLY, am I doing?

 Imagine that you`ve won the Lottery, or inherited a fortune from a rich relative who you didn`t even know existed.  Now that you have so much money that you never need to work again ask yourself “What would I do with my time?”

 Take a trip down memory lane and consider your working life up to this moment and ask “What have I done at work that I`m most proud of?”  2what were my best achievements?”  Ask what made you feel physically great about going to work?

 Imagine that you are almost at the end of your life and say “Which of my abilities did I make the most of and how much good did I do with them?”

 Is there ONE thing that, if you were able to do it, would make you feel that your life had been a success?

 What qualities would you like to be remembered for?  For example; being generous, kind, helpful, hard working or supportive?

 You`ll need plenty of imagination here but imagine again that you suddenly won zillions and ask “If there`s ONE thing I`d love to change in the world it`s…..”

 Be REALLY imaginative here and answer this, if you can, you are able to be re-incarnated and live your working life several times over.  What would you do?  Would you do anything different?  If so, what would it be and why?

 If you are approaching this correctly some of these questions will stump you to begin with but, equally, some of the answers will jump out at you.  You will find it easier if you can relax your mind and, possibly, your attitude.  Don`t be rigid or hidebound in your approach to the questions.  This is YOUR potential future, your mine of wealth we’re discussing here so take all the time you need.

 Copyright thewealthmine 2011

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The First Foundation Of Your Wealth Mine

December 14th, 2010

“Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump, on the back of his head behind Christopher Robin.  It is, as far as he knows, the ONLY way of coming down stairs, but sometimes he feels that there really is another way if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it.”

That quotation, from A.A. Milne, is typical of many people`s approach to starting an internet business.  They are led to believe that `It`s simple really!  Just pay me for this fantastic wealth generating idea and you`ll soon be rolling in cash.`

They then pay out cash, find that it`s not as easy as they were led to believe and consequently give up on the idea.  NOTHING worthwhile is that easy, is it?  Be realistic.  That`s exactly what we are going to be now, realistic.  We are going to be realistic about the what and the why of your very own online cash generating mine of wealth so that YOU stand a far better chance of succeeding.

Realise this; before you start any sort of business, whether it`s online or a bricks and mortar business, you have to sort out a few things if you are to succeed.  You have to lay the foundations of your wealth mine BEFORE you start building, just as if you were building a house.

You have to take a long, hard look at yourself.  You then have to study this information and leverage it to your best advantage.

You need to be clear and honest about your strengths and your weaknesses as well as being clear in your mind whether you are prepared to devote the time and energy to digging the foundations of your future success.

You absolutely need to build your business around something that you are passionate about, that you enjoy, not what someone else tells you will work.

I put that phrase in a paragraph of its own because I want you to fully understand the power of what it means.  If your heart isn`t committed to what you are doing then you aren`t going to give it your best shot are you?  It makes sense when it`s said like that doesn`t it, yes?

The beauty of the process that your going to be introduced to later on is that it CAN be fitted around almost any interest in the world.

It makes sense when it`s pointed out but so, so many people don`t understand it.  Instead they just follow the crowd, banging their head just like Edward Bear, convinced there must be a better way but not knowing what it is.

THIS is the very first spade of earth that you will excavate from your own wealth mine.  If you`re not passionate about what you are going to do then you will probably give up at the first obstacle.  What I`m trying to do here is to remove, or at least point out, the potential obstacles for you.  Ready for more?  Yes?  Good.  Starting with my next post you`ll want a pen and paper handy to really start working on your personal wealth mine foundation.  See you then.

Copyright thewealthmine 2010.

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